"Because of Cal, my small air conditioning company has been featured in local magazines, state-wide TV programs, international podcasts, and we’ve even been on a musician’s album cover. 

Hiring Cal was one of the best moves I could have ever done for my company.  She is a one a kind artist and now a good friend. I saw our building as an eyesore of the community, but to Cal it was a blank canvas." - Ben Bailey

Calina Mishay Johnson, “Cal,” began painting as a child. She grew up in a small West Texas town that had a population of 600 people. After years of emotional, life-dealt hardships, Cal’s style was born through her expressive painting strokes. Her art career began in 2012, focusing on one-of-a-kind commissions for her clientele. In 2016, Cal expanded her work, tackling urban street art murals throughout Texas and creating Street Art By Cal. Inspired by the budding street art movement, she introduced the South to her signature style and use of vibrant color. Her murals began popping up all over Texas, organically serving as backdrops for photographs by tourists, locals and even celebrities (one of Cal’s murals was commissioned as the backdrop on Aaron Watson’s album titled, Vaquero). As Cal’s street art exploded, and popularity grew amongst these small towns that had been revitalized, so did the desire to own some of her unique fine art. Her canvas work has been exhibited in galleries in Dallas-Ft. Worth, with her expressionist work on display at the Milan Gallery. In February 2018, Cal made her premiere in San Angelo as the solo featured abstract artist at the gallery Raw 1899. Several other talks are underway for galleries throughout the South, and she continues to create commission work for people all over the country.


Cal uses her art as a form of self-expression and insightful story telling. All of her works are, in essence, self-portraits. On the surface, her work is often viewed as “fun” and “imperfect.” However, on closer examination, it is evident that the inspiration of her art derives from inner conflict, heartbreak, and happiness. Despite the dark undertone, her work invariably portrays the elements of hope, humor, and humanity which define the story of human life.


Street Art By Cal is now bigger than just its small town origins. This brand, this lifestyle, is going worldwide. Cal and her tribe are taking closer and closer steps toward this goal every single day through this artful expression of herself and every person she interacts with all over the world.